Shoe Culture

“Good shoes make you feel good. Litterarily” 

From Cinderella to The Wizard of Oz in our collective imagination shoes often have a kind of magic infused into them, capable of transforming the wearer into a more irresistible or powerful version of themselves.


In reality, even though they cannot turn a pumpkin into a luxury vehicle or grant your wishes, a pair of shoes that we really enjoy can indeed make a big difference in our life.

Anyone who happened at least once to wear uncomfortable shoes can agree that this can affect your entire day, acting like a constant source of distraction and irritability. A well constructed shoe, on the other hand, will sculpt around the foot and support the feet and therefore the knees and the back, improving posture.

Vegetable tanning on the inside and high quality materials on the outside not only are key for that “fit like glove” sensation, but also for the skin’s health.

And it’s not only about our body. According to several studies shoes as much as clothes have also the power to influence wearer’s emotional states.


One way they do it is though colour: colours, in facts, have been scientifically proven not only to reflect, but also to affect our moods. So, while it’s common for people in a not-so great state of mind to almost instinctively choose to wear black from head to toe, it is also true that adding a pop of light or bright colour into one’s wardrobe can promote positive feelings and a more energetic mood.

We are also influenced by the symbolic meaning that we ascribe to different types of attire and/or the general way the make us feel. So, for example, it looks like wearing classical structured shoes and clothes can make us feel more confident and dominant, therefore putting us in the right frame of mind to conduct business. On the other hand, a more relaxed style helps us become more open, friendly and creative. And if we slip into a pair of shoes that we regard as seductive, we will feel that their allure somehow invests our persona as well and this will boost our confidence, which is an essential part of charme.

Last but not least: in time shoes made with high quality leather will improve both wearing comfort and leather’s appearance, aging like good wine. And that’s also something to smile about.

Fine sneakers for pleasure and leisure.


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