Rubirosa Trees 1


Sneakers Planting Trees.

RUBIROSA is getting involved! The company has long been concerned about climate change and its effects and is aware that the production and transport routes of every pair of sneakers create CO2 emissions.

Climate-Positive Sneakers

Thanks to the fact that the production and all the materials used come from Switzerland and neighbouring countries in Europe and because the production is of the highest quality, the independent organisation carbon-connect AG has rated the sneakers as climate friendly.

But that is not enough. On the one hand, the environmental impact should be kept as low as possible and a sustainable management of the processes should be promoted. On the other hand, the company has started to cooperate with the non-profit organisation Treellionaire and is now planting a tree for every pair of sneakers sold. Trees are efficient CO2 storage devices. On average, a tree filters 10kg of CO2 from the atmosphere every year. With these CO2 compensation measures, RUBIROSA can not only neutralise its CO2 footprint, but even generate a positive effect, thus standing for a responsible use of resources. So every pair of RUBIROSA sneakers is climate-positive!

Climate-Neutral Company

In addition to these measures, RUBIROSA, together with carbon-connect AG, has had the company’s CO2 footprint calculated and is investing in a climate protection project in the Amazon region in Brazil to combat climate change. RUBIROSA thus not only has sneakers that plant trees, but has also made the company completely CO2 neutral.