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“RUBIROSA and the quiet luxury” – If you know, you know

Quiet luxury’ has been a trending topic in all the fashion related medias and talks for the past few months, while brands that had always cultivated classical styles, premium quality and anti-buzz marketing approach are now experiencing an unprecedent consideration.

But what does exactly “quiet luxury” mean? Firstly and most obviously it can be defined as the opposite of the loud luxury, the one offering products with highly visible brand markings that allow to easily distinguish the brand and trying to loudly affirming a social status. Loud luxury is all about showing-off, following the trends or hypes of the moment no matter what and misreading high-spending as elegance.


Quiet luxury, on the other hand, is not centered around the logo, or showing off wealth and status. It’s all about the beauty, quality, and craftsmanship of the product. The authentic cognoscenti will always be able to recognize an authentically premium item, without the need of blatant labels or declarations. As they say it, If you know, you know.

Essential to quiet luxury are exclusive, refined, mostly natural materials, incredibly curated craftsmanship execution and details, timeless design, clean profiles, a mostly muted colour palette not disdaining strong colours accents, a preferably relaxed wearability, simple but statement accessories.


The purpose is to have an effortless elegant wearing. But definitely not through an effortless production: there’s a lot of commitment and research in terms of materials, designs and projecting in the making of pieces that look clean and chic, but never basic.

If one had to definite the philosophy behind ‘quiet luxury”, it could be “to reject what is aspirational in favour of what is exquisite”. Or, in a broader sense: choosing items to impress ourselves instead of others, preferring quality over quantity, investing in wear-for-life pieces instead of running after everchanging seasonal trends.


Seen in this perspective, quiet luxury is not only for the mega rich. It’s for anyone showing an inclination towards a knowing understatement and premium basics in every aspect of your life. Certain small touches can be ‘quiet luxury’ through and through.


And another maybe collateral but very important point is that with its interest in investing in fewer high-quality and durable pieces instead of loud trends, ‘quiet luxury’ results in an environmentally conscious lifestyle.


Discover more about RUBIROSA’s brand concept and its premium Made in Italy craftsmanship.


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