ODILE D Champagne
A toast to discreet luxury

True luxury is a perfect design that stays perfect while trends pass by. It’s high quality materials forged by expert craftsmanship to deliver refined details and impeccable finishing. It’s immaculate comfort that improves with use instead of getting worn out. It’s looking effortlessly amazing everyday on every occasion. ODILE D Champagne is authentic discreet luxury.
ODILE displays a derby-style upper with a slip-on construction and a lightweight flexible low sole. Made by top Italian shoemaking artisans with high-end materials, ODILE is enriched with the classical “brogue” and other RUBIROSA signature details.
Inspired by the tennis court pioneer sneakers, ODILE is a graceful and comfortable everyday shoe. Enjoy the pleasure of looking good while feeling good with RUBIROSA.
With its fine profile and subtle warm shade, ODILE D Champagne elegantly flows with any outfit and colour, adding a sophisticated sparkle to a formal suit or a touch of elegance to a more relaxed clothing.