JOAN Beige in Nile leather
Walk like an Egyptian

JOAN Beige is a wonder of texture variety and tactile pleasures. Her subtle yet fresh beige colour gains a whole new level of depth and richness thanks to the juxtaposition of smooth leather, suede and the innovative RUBIROSA Nile leather touch.

RUBIROSA Nile is a heavier grade suede with longer hair, finely stamped in order to look like linen. A riddle only revealed to initiates.

Inspired by 1970s “wedge” running shoes, JOAN is a sporty shoe of unabashed luxury, rich in signature RUBIROSA details and enhanced in its sporty soul by the spoiler for stability.
With its sandy colour and the linen-like leather texture, JOAN Beige has it all to be perfect shoe for the whole warmer season, for an everyday easy wear of incomparable comfort and infinite wearing pleasure.