World of Rubirosa


A Gentleman lives life to the fullest.

RUBIROSA is a high-quality sneakers brand from Switzerland with a passion for breathing traditional values and “Joie de Vivre” back into everyday life.

Passion, refined.

Our goal is to produce Italian handmade sneakers that change the way you think about fashion, while demonstrating unrivaled comfort and competitive pricing. At RUBIROSA, we also take pride in our approach to design and a relentless drive to combine the conventional elements of handmade sneakers with today’s trends. In other words, we’re all about reviving forgotten values and combining these principles with modern design.

And there’s so much more behind our name and ethos. RUBIROSA inspires people to celebrate the moment and live with the same sense of style, authenticity and enjoyment of life as Porfirio Rubirosa. At one time, this infamous icon was known as “the World’s Playboy” and a charming, chivalrous and stylish man of high intellect. Porfirio was also known for his ability to exude and embrace joy, and often through his stylish attire.

We believe that sharing this “joie de vivre” can make life more meaningful and our handmade sneakers are designed to help you capture such moments. But it’s also the passionate RUBIROSA fans that bring our sneakers to life. They inspire and humble us with a creativity that helps us re-imagine the look and feel of our handcrafted sneakers. 

At RUBIROSA, we aim to be an industry leader and a leading light in the world of handmade sneakers. Our unique business model is geared toward merchants and online sales, while a climate neutral approach is evidenced in everything we do.

By the way, Pofirio Rubirosa once said “I will risk everything to avoid being bored”.

And so will we.