A Gentleman lives life to the fullest.

RUBIROSA – The Swiss label with the unique brand history is known for its stylish, handmade sneakers made of high quality leather for unsurpassed wearing comfort. The company preserves the traditional standards of craftsmanship, and when it comes to production it relies on the most experienced manufacturers in Italy. With the vision of bringing forgotten values and joie de vivre back into everyday life, RUBIROSA combines proven conventional elements with today’s trends to enhance the uniqueness of the brand.

RUBIROSA - Passion, refined.

RUBIROSA, named after the legendary Latin American gentleman Porfirio Rubirosa (1909–1965), is more than just a brand. Like the style icon Rubirosa, this dynamic label represents a certain outlook on life: embracing beautiful things, fashion, style, pleasure, personality, authenticity and creativity. In short, RUBIROSA is pure joie de vivre – from head to toe.

The high-quality products are aimed at modern cosmopolitan men of every age who value class and aesthetics. The sneakers are part of the uniform of men who have certain aspirations for themselves and those around them. Like a true gentleman, the RUBIROSA customer also appreciates understatement. He uses selected pieces to emphasise his own line. Simple, but efficient.

RUBIROSA stems from a very unique gentlemen’s club. A decade ago, a group of friends bonded over their mutual love of beautiful, high-quality products. They decided to produce a limited-run of products just for themselves, but after requests came from far and wide for their creations, they expanded its availability with the RUBIROSA brand.

RUBIROSA sneakers are produced in Italy. As a result, they are exquisitely handmade. Where quality is concerned, RUBIROSA refuses to compromise. The manufacturers are renowned. The leather is of the finest origin. The founders are proud of both of these qualities, as are all the men who wear the brand out into the world. In three words, RUBIROSA is INDEPENDENT – TIMELESS – PASSIONATE.

It’s no coincidence that man-about-town Porfirio Rubirosa is said to served as the inspiration for Ian Fleming’s James Bond. This is fitting. After all, a Bond also lives life to the fullest, as does the RUBIROSA customer.