Fine shoes for Pleasure and Leisure

RUBIROSA shoes are timeless and modern, the epitome of subtle luxury, handmade in Italy. RUBIROSA champions fine leather footwear.


The Swiss brand was founded in 2015 by a group of friends to bring old-fashioned elegance back to contemporary style.
RUBIROSA footwear combines the grace of classic shoes with the comfort of sneakers. Our styles honour comfort, quiet luxury and personality.


The name RUBIROSA pays homage to the charm of the great Porfirio “Rubi” Rubirosa, star of the 1950s-60s jet-set and a legendary adventurer.


Crafted and refined, considerate of nature, every stylish pair can be joyfully worn every day, everywhere.
For business. For casual. For good times.
RUBIROSA shoes elevate leisure and fit like love.

RUBIROSA shoes have a gentle silhouette that sculpts around the foot. Materials are premium grade, typically natural. Consistent style outlives seasons and trends, and carry us from day to night to next week to next year. True quality improves with wear.

Porfirio Rubirosa
Life and Love in the fast lane

The brand is inspired by Porfirio “Rubi” Rubirosa, a real-life adventurer whose elegance, passion and non-conformist character informs every stitch.

The famous Latin American was a style icon and the last great playboy of the twentieth century. Among the jet set of the forties and fifties, Rubirosa was considered the “ultimate man’s man”. He played polo, loved women, piloted aeroplanes, drove racing cars and searched for sunken treasure in the Caribbean. It’s no wonder that this man-about-town inspired Ian Fleming to create James Bond.
Porfirio elevated pleasure-seeking to an artform.
And we, like him, believe that the secret to a joyful life is real interest in everyday details.