JUDY D Brown
Sweet leaves

JUDY steps gracefully into the cooler season by wearing the perfect autumnal shade: the colour of wet soil, of crunchy fallen leaves under the feet, of cuddly hot coffee and delicious chocolate sweets.
Elegant, effortless and discrete, JUDY D Brown is the perfect companion to enjoy every day’s pleasures of Fall.

JUDY is hand crafted in Italy using the highest quality leathers and is ornated with a signature perforated brogue detail and zig zag pinking on the U-throat lacing piece.
The upper is made of luxurious calf skins, while lining is in cotton reinforced with calf leather, to deliver comfort of everyday use.

JUDY D Brown is a premium gentle sneaker elegantly flowing with every look, style and context. Terrific when paired with any rich warm colour, while animalia laces add a touch of character even to the most minimalist look.