Handmade products


RUBIROSA designs its products in Switzerland. The climate-friendly Smart Casual shoe collections are exquisitely handmade in Italy. RUBIROSA does not compromise on quality. The seasonal renewal of collections offers customers always up-to-date and fashionable new designs. A basic range helps to ensure that individual designs can be reordered again and again.


Traditional craftsmanship

Made in Italy.

The exclusive products for men are produced to the highest quality. All of the items are handmade with the utmost attention to detail and offer unparalleled comfort. The company maintains traditional craftsmanship standards and relies on the most experienced manufacturers.
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Elegance for every outfit

World of RUBIROSA.

RUBIROSA, named after the legendary Latin American gentleman Porfirio Rubirosa (1909-1965), is more than a brand. Like the style icon Rubirosa, the label stands for an attitude to life: say yes to beautiful things, fashion, style, enjoyment, personality, authenticity and creativity. In short, RUBIROSA is pure joie de vivre – from head to toe.


Life and love in the fast lane


The Latin American was a style icon and the last great playboy of the twentieth century. Rubirosa was considered ‘the man’ par excellence in the jet set of the 1940s and 1950s. He played polo, loved women, piloted planes, drove in car races and searched for sunken treasure in the Caribbean. No wonder the bon vivant inspired Ian Fleming with the figure of James Bond.
Porfirio Rubirosa


Storys about Rubirosa

Guillaume Hoarau In The SRF Sports Panorama

The football player, Guillaume Hoarau from La Réunion, who most recently won the football championship and cup with the Bernese Young Boys, also makes a very good impression as a studio guest. Take a look for yourself.   Perfectly dressed in a light suit, patterned shirt and matching sneakers by RUBIROSA. Hoarau wears the model