Bright, versatile, easy to style and always elegant. 
The white sneakers – in leather, canvas, suede or modern fabric – are a timeless piece of quiet luxury. Originally worn by pioneer tennis players of the XIX century and soon after by sportsmen of all fields, they ended up symbolizing the sport itself. Then in the 1960s the white sneakers gracefully stepped outside the sports fields to become an all-the-day footwear, for both men and women. Essential end refined, white looks amazing with any other colour, all the year long.
That’s why at RUBIROSA we love white shoes.

The ultimate summer slip-on, FLOR has a low profile sole of very flexible construction. The upper has been constructed with a gore piece that allows an easy entry and fitting a wide range of feet shape. The linings are thinner for ultimate comfort and a breathable feel.
JUDY is an elegant, effortless sneaker featuring an upper in suede or lightweight leather and suede trim, plus zig zag pinking detail on the U-throat lacing piece. For immaculate comfort during the warmer season, the lining is a mix of cotton, reinforced with calf leather.
“Timeworn” is the premium RUBIROSA shoe, distressed. These shoes have been lovingly aged to give them all the appearance of a life well lived.
A sporty shoe of unapologetic luxury, the JOAN is made of the finest Tuscan “Vacchetta” leather, technical material and vegetable-tanned calf leather for the lining. It uses a bi-material and two tone sole, with an added spoiler for stability.
Inspired by performance running shoes, KIM is the ideal all-terrain footwear for roaming the city or exploring the countryside. This sports utility sneaker blends the grip, the cushioning and the comfort of fat-soled trainers with an upper that is beautifully crafted and luxurious.
Inspired by 1970s tennis shoes, the AVA gives a casual ease to luxury craftsmanship. The perforated upper “brogue” implies vintage charm but, in fact, there is a function: great performance in the heat.