Welcome Corinne Kunz

We asked RUBIROSA’s new Marketing Director about herself and her work. Here is the interview in full.

Corinne Kunz, you joined RUBIROSA recently. How do you view your work and what are your greatest challenges?

The thing that really amazes me is that the RUBIROSA team is generally very open to new and unusual ideas. We have huge potential and could launch exciting activities in all areas. Decision-making paths are extremely short here, and rapid realisation makes progress easier.

On the other hand, this is also a big challenge. We have to decide where we want to employ our energy to make the RUBIROSA brand and our products well known, which will in turn enable us to generate additional growth and turnover. That’s ultimately what it’s all about.

How should the collection be seen?

We have a very nice, well-rounded sneaker collection. I am full of enthusiasm for the lovely, fine materials and can confirm that the shoes are extremely comfortable to wear. Our products are made from high-quality, naturally tanned leather, which has a very clear impact on the resilience of the shoes and wearer well-being. A vast amount of passion is invested in design, and new models are being continuously worked on in great detail.

Our bag collection is small and exclusive. Here too, we use only the best leather, which is tanned using socalled wet-green technology. This process does away with the use of unhealthy and environmentally harmful tanning chemicals in full. Instead, olive leaves are used, providing a particularly soft and high-quality premium leather.

However, I think that huge potential still exists in the accessories area, and I think we will develop new bag models. We already have the perfect business bag with a wonderful surface, in various colours and different, very soft leather. Our weekender travel bags are also practical and perfect for short trips. Further models will definitely be added soon.

How would you describe your customers?

I think our customers have a feel for nice things and enjoy moving in elevated circles. High-quality materials are important and of interest to them. They are also knowledgeable. They value special design and set great store by a well-groomed look. They really like travelling, whether on business or in private, and love to spend time in beautiful places. Our customers are open to switching their business shoes for sophisticated sneakers in their everyday work as well as to wearing our RUBIROSA shoes everywhere during their free time. There is a suitable model for almost every occasion.

What is your sale strategy like? Where can your products be found?

RUBIROSA can be found in individual owner-managed boutiques and at larger retail companies throughout Europe. We are in the process of developing and expanding this network and have developed a special customer service in the B2B sector that is really very interesting. Thanks to our flexibility, we can offer our customers exceptional order and delivery options to the advantage of all.

Alongside this sale channel, we are also promoting our online shop. For this purpose, we have decided to implement our strategy in this area with a small external team who have specialised in online marketing. We would like to see significant growth in this area, because we believe that this channel is very well suited to our products and because our customers have an affinity for the Internet.

Are you an expert in the production of shoes and bags or is it a new area for you?

I come from women’s fashion and have vast experience in the marketing of clothes and accessories. That means I definitely have more knowledge of bags than sneakers based on my previous work. However, fundamentally I can say that the seasonal cycle in fashion – whether women’s or men’s and whether clothes, shoes or accessories – is quite similar.

With respect to the development and production of our sneakers, I learned a lot during my first weeks at RUBIROSA. I can strongly identify with the brand thanks to my love of nice materials and craft-produced products generally.

Were you familiar with Porfirio Rubirosa – the person who inspired the name of the Swiss label – before you came to RUBIROSA?

To be honest, no. However, I have now read several books and seen various pieces of documentary material about Porfirio Rubirosa. From a marketing perspective, it represents a huge amount of luck and a clever stroke of play to create such a basis for yourself. We have a wonderful tale to tell and continue to take inspiration afresh from the style icon and rake Porfirio Rubirosa in many areas.

What is your personal goal for RUBIROSA?

I think the priority is that we grow in a healthy manner, are well established on the market within one to two years and make enough profit to be able to invest further. I look forward to being part of this process. It is important to me that we remain true to our basic concept and concentrate on our foundation and our strengths alongside our economic considerations. I am sure that we have enormous potential and I am very positive about the years to come.