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“The colours of cold” – RUBIROSA loves nature inspired trends

As bright and hot summer days leave space for the first autumn chills, in all the regions of the world that have four distinct seasons people gladly rediscover their favourite fall garments. Naturally, heavier, thicker and water- and wind-proof materials better suit a colder climate and rainfalls. But there is also another, less obvious but quite universal change that occurs in the way we dress during autumn: the colours.

Whether you’re in Europe, Japan or North America, autumn is all about darker, softer and more subtle colours. Dark or calm reds, dark blues, browns ranging from khaki and camel to a deep mahogany and espresso, all the shades of gray, hunter green, olive, burnt orange, bronze, ochre, mustard, mauve, aubergine, etc.

There are several reasons why this happens. First of all, as the temperature decreases, we almost instinctively turn towards darker colours, because they absorb more sunlight and therefore keep us warm. At the same time, the lower angled light of autumn – unlike the strong and direct summer light – reduces the radiance of certain colours, and increases the one of others.

Consequently the way we perceive colours also changes. In autumn we overall tend to appreciate more complex colours, meaning those shades that are harder to put in straightforward categories such as “red” or “yellow”, because most oftenly they’re a combination of different tones. For instance chartreuse, which is a pretty muted mix of green and yellow. Or rust, that is somewhere between brown, orange and red.


The other motive why we identify some colours as “autumnal” is that we automatically associate this season with the peculiar foliage.


Progressively as the trees will lose their leaves, the colours of branches, soil, moss and mushrooms will become more visible and predominant.

The evolution slowly continues up to the start of winter. In nature, winter marks the disappearance of colour: bare dark trees, hazy greyish skies, snow and frozen soil. Likewise, traditional seasonal colours for winter are mostly neutrals, such as white, black, cream, gray, dark brown and dark blue. Besides that, outfits tend to switch from multicolore to monochrome and camaieu, or to a limited number of colours and tones.

Yet there is more than just cold! Winter is also the season of evergreen conifers, warm cozy fireplaces and….holidays. That’s why the otherwise neutral winter clothing colour palette is nevertheless punctuated by deep, rich jewel colors that symbolize the festive spirit of the holiday season: deep red, green and gold.

In the Fall-Winter 2022 collection RUBIROSA follows the rhythm of nature, with a range of neutral, muted and earthy tones perfectly suited for the season and easily complementing any garments’ tones. Warmer and thicker materials provide warmth and dryness on cold and rainy days, but never compromise on style and elegance.


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