RUBIROSA respects the planet and all its inhabitants. With this in mind we act in the most responsible way at each stage of the production process. Leather is our number one material.
The raw material for our leather originates with cattle from Swiss farms that have earned Bio Suisse certification.
Bio Suisse is a strong, credible and globally recognised brand for organic agriculture, which is committed to a healthy balance between nature, humans and animals.

Sustainability and ethics
begin with animal husbandry

RUBIROSA’s leather derives only from farms that belong to the Mutterkuh Schweiz Association, which is committed to the natural husbandry of farm animals. The Association comprises smaller farms that contain on average six to eight cows. The calves live with their mothers in the field.

Both Bio Suisse and the Mutterkuh Schweiz organisations champion responsible, ecological and animal-friendly values. In combination, they represent a true seal of approval for our raw material.

To further our commitment, for every pair of RUBIROSA Centravo Swiss Alpine Leather shoes sold, a portion of the revenue will be given to the Mutterkuh Schweiz Association, for the ultimate benefit of cattle farmers.

Tracing the Leather’s Origin

Fin-projects has prodigious skill in collecting and assorting Swiss cattle skins. Thanks to the fin-projects and RUBIROSA collaboration, the origin of the leather in our Centravo Swiss Alpine Leather sneakers has a unique traceability, which is unrivalled in the footwear industry worldwide. The source of the quality is discernible.

From Swiss Alps to the Heart
of “Made in Italy”

Once harvested, our raw material leaves Switzerland and journeys to the heart of “Made in Italy”.

Switzerland possesses no tanneries that can process larger batches of hide into finished leather. The tanneries of Tuscany, Italy are unsurpassed anywhere in the world. Our leather is vegetable-tanned in Santa Croce sull’Arno. We choose this type of tanning because vegetable dyes are free of harmful chemicals, colouring and coatings. Only natural ingredients such as Mimosa and Quebracho bark are used. Hence, even after tanning, our leather is 100% natural.

The tanned leather is then sculpted into RUBIROSA Centravo Swiss Alpine Leather shoes at a number of small family businesses in Italy. And then, we hope, they will find their way to you.