Spring/summer 2025





Delivery: October 2024




Joan White/Orange HE10

Joan Beige HE10

Judy Dark Grey CL02

Odile Taupe HE10

Odile Black CL02

Odile White CL02

CORE PRogram

Delivery: October 2024




Judy White/Green HE08

Judy Taupe HE08

Joan White HE08

Joan Beige HE08

MAIN COllection SS25

Delivery: February 2025





Simple, graceful, football.


JUDY is a football-inspired Oxford sneaker, built on a low cup sole.

Stylish, classic and modern, made from top-grade materials,

JUDY is an emblem of quiet luxury and immaculate comfort, perfectly adapting to any moment.

Judy White/Grey HE10

Judy White/Green HE08

Judy White/Blue HE09

Judy White CL03

Judy Dark Grey CL02

Judy Dust White CL02

Judy Taupe He08

Judy Blue CL02

Judy SL White HE10

Judy SL Beige HE10

Judy SL Grey HE10

Judy White CL03

Judy White/Light Grey HE10

Judy White HE09

Judy Off White HE10

Judy Fumo HE10

Judy White CL01

Judy White CL03


Grace of Tennis Pioneers.


A timeless style inspired by the first trainers designed for the tennis courts.

ODILE evolves the class of the legendary sports pioneers. Resting on a comfortable,

flexible sole, the derby-style upper of the ODILE stands out for its slip-on construction.

Odile White/Black HE10

Odile White/Green HE10

Odile White/Blue HE10


Odile Blue HE10

Odile Grey HE10

Odile Green HE10


Odile Light Grey HE10

Odile Taupe HE10

Odile Fumo HE10

Odile Oltremare HE10

Odile Beige HE08


Odile White CL02

Odile Black CL02


Running in Style.


Inspired by 1970s “wedge” running shoes, JOAN is a sporty shoe of unabashed luxury,

rich in signature RUBIROSA details and enhanced in its sporty soul by the spoiler for stability.

Wear JOAN every day you can.

Joan Beige HE10

Joan Off White HE10

Joan Grey HE10

Joan White/Yellow HE10

Joan White/Orange HE10

Joan Light Grey HE10

Joan White/Yellow HE10

Joan White/Yellow HE10

Joan Light Grey HE09

Joan Beige HE08

Joan White HE08

Joan Dark Brown HE07


Tennis elegance.


AVA takes old school elegance and sophistication into the 21st century.

Lightweight, flexible and supremely comfortable, these premium casual shoes

complement a suit or more relaxed outfit combinations.

Ava White/Green HE10

Ava White/Blue HE10

Ava White/Yellow HE10

Ava White CL01


1980s low-top Basketball, Reimagined.


The urban community’s ultimate icon shoe enjoys a sophisticated refit and a complete upgrade.

The silhouette is low-top but features a sleeker and shallower last than its illustrious forebears.

A casual sneaker that is light and comfortable for everyday wear.

Eva Azure HE10

Eva White/Orange HE10

Eva White CL01

Eva White/Green HE09


High class low-top.


Danielle is a sleek low-top sneaker influenced by classic skate shoes. The low profile sole emphasises its relaxed aspect. Premium materials elevate every component and carry this refined, retro sneaker into a higher category. A casual shoe for daytime adventuring, constructed with comfort and class.

Danielle Low White/Blue HE10

Danielle Low White/Green HE10

Danielle Low Off White HE10

Danielle Low Blue HE10


The Quality Hiker.

RUBIROSA’s sports utility sneaker blends the grip, the cushioning and the comfort
of performance trainers with a crafted, luxurious upper.
With roots in nature and the great outdoors, Kim is the ideal all-terrain footwear for touring the cityin winter or roaming the frozen countryside. KIM is quality in motion.

Kim White/Green HE10

Kim White/Blue HE10

Kim Grey HE10

Kim Blue HE10