Feet on the ground. Love in the air.

Facing the marvelous azure Mediterranean Sea, the summer French Riviera is a warm, welcoming and thriving land. Golden sand under the hot sun in gorgeous shores. Majestic cliffs diving into the waves, adorned with palms, maritime pines and an infinite variety of luxurious flowers and aromatic herbs. Fertile maroon soil in the industrious vineyards and green fields kissing the sky at the horizon. RUBIROSA SS2022 holds all the shades of earth and vegetation, to keep your feet close to the roots.
JUDY is an elegant, effortless sneaker featuring a lightweight upper and a lining made of a mix of cotton, just perfect for the warmer season.
The ultimate summer slip-on, FLOR has a low profile and very flexible construction, allowing an easy entry and fitting a wide range of feet shapes. Embodying the “at ease” attitude, this loafer is meant for all casual situations.
JUDY is a classy yet contemporary twist on the football shoes from the 70s. With its premium quality materials, lightweight and flexibility, as well as balanced proportion and harmony, it strikes a fine balance between comfort and style.