New Collection – Details Make the Difference.

Three complete new styles are ready for you!

We have created a collection for the autumn that is inspired by the past but set in the world today. We offer an edgier collection, but the sneakers have all the RUBIROSA elements that make the brand unique.   

We have paid great attention to the details. Leather and colour mix is perfectly matched. Let us surprise you…

Joan is strongly inspired by the emblematic wedge running shoes. JOAN is a lightweight, flexible and comfortable. A sneaker to be worn in a relaxed way, ideal with sportswear and for everyday use.

Joan 001 White
Ava is inspired by the original 70’s tennis shoes. Although it has all the features of its iconic ancestor, AVA is built in a more luxurious and artisan way. These sneakers are crafted for the perfect gentleman that likes to suit up or dress casually.
Ava 001 Black W

Ana is a high top sneaker that is inspired by the iconic 80’s basketball shoes. Although a sportier sneaker, Ana is made from luxurious calf skins, nubuck and calf suedes. This model can be worn in a “relaxed” way, ideal with sportswear and for everyday use.

Ana 001 Dark Brown