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“Spring Summer 2022. JUDY wears sea and shore colours”

Homage to the golden age of Cote d’Azure lifestyle


If Swiss Alps are the winter capital of the international bon viveurs, the French Riviera is the classical summer place to be.

With its emerald-blue sea, the pleasant rocky costs adorned with palms and flowers, and an always gentle climate, this strip of the Mediterranean littoral have been a beloved destination of artists and European aristocracy since the end of the nineteenth century, especially in winter.

During the 20s the Riviera witnessed the dawn of what later would become the classic summertime lifestyle, made of tanning and beach activities during the day, a few excursions in the nearby nature and then restless partying at night.


In the late 40s Porfirio Rubirosa, then Dominican ambassador in France, became a permanent fixture on the Cote D’Azur, displaying to great effect his remarkable gambling skills at the casinos in Monte Carlo and racing his Ferraris down the “Corniche” at amazing speed.

During the two following decades – 1950s and 1960s – the myth and the glamour of the carefree, joyful and refined summer Riviera lifestyle rose up to the public attention. The shore where the jet-set fund privacy among the authentic rituals of the Azuréens became the show stage of international beautiful people and the favorite playground for playboys.

Deeply sportif, always exquisitely dressed, charmant with impeccable manners, Rubirosa was probably the most famous among them and made countless conquests while vacationing in Saint Tropez. Just like his friends and fellow “golden boys” Aly Khan and Gunter Sachs, who shared with Rubi their love for women, sports, fast cars and obviously  Cote d’Azure.

RUBIROSA SS 2022 tributes an homage to the sophisticated, close-to-nature and eternally tres chic summer life in the French Riviera.


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