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“JUDY has a thing for wrinkles”

When elegance doesnt need the iron but a slight dose of irony

Linen has certainly come a long way from being wrapped on mummies to summer suits and now back to every day wear, just like cool sneakers.


Linen, name having derived from the Latin name of the plant, is one of the oldest textiles developed.

Humans started producing linen — a versatile, breathable fabric made from the fibers of the flax plant — as many as 36,000 years ago. By the time of the Ancient Egyptians, it was as ubiquitous as hieroglyphics. Though the process for making linen hasn’t changed much since the days when King Tut rocked it, styling has evolved to suit the modern man.

Linen and summer go together like Martini cocktail and olive. The material’s porous weave and moisture absorption properties leave you cool, comfy and dry despite the heat. Good quality linen isn’t necessarily lightweight, but its low thread count makes it cooler than cotton while it’s also said to be 30 per cent stronger than its summer fabric rival.

The major issue with linen is of course how easily it creases. A concern to be embraced rather than be fearful of. Linen wrinkles, deal with it. The linen look is, by its nature, casual, and a few wrinkles are par for the course.  The heavier, textured linens tend to crumple elegantly but be aware that it is not a pristine look. The thing to avoid is excessive wrinkling. If you take care of your suit, it will return the favor.


Linen suits are ideal for summer weddings and social gatherings such as
business outings, brunches, day parties and nights out. In Hollywood, linen suits have a long lineage. From the first iconic Gatsby style to the last James Bond, the silver screen proves that linen stands the test of time.

Judy White

When it comes to styling a linen suit, it’s not about following a rigid set of rules. Linen is for confident dressers.


Most of the time, keep it casual opting for a single-breasted jackets with notch lapels and patch pockets. Pair it with a cotton or blended-fabric dress shirt and, if the occasion doesn’t call for a tie, go for a polo shirt.


For a more formal look, go double-breasted with peak lapels. Pair with a subtle shirt and tie combination, so the ensemble looks effortless. Feel free to go sockless, with summer oxford or derby shoes, loafers or a fine pair of RUBIROSA sneakers, of course. By the way, a linen suit styled with our JUDY is a match made in heaven.


JUDY is constructed on a very low cup sole inspired by the iconic 70’s soccer shoes and is designed specifically for summer.


The lining of the sneakers is a mix of cotton and reinforced with calf leather where necessary. This allow an ultimate comfort and a summery, breathable feel.


With its minimalistic cup sole JUDY is very light weight, extremely flexible and comfortable. Sneakers to be worn in a “relaxed” way, ideal for everyday use.


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