Rubirosa Handwerk



As sensitive as man is, he would freeze to death in winter and burn on hot sand in summer. With shoes, man was on his way and progress was unstoppable – as were shoe designs. They used to reveal what position someone had in society. Today, in the age of mass production, they are considered a calling card of good taste. The shoes are very telling; their design and material are an indication of what their wearers care about.


The area around the Riviera del Brenta near Venice is known as one of the oldest shoemaker regions in Italy. Today, crafts workshops and production companies still focus on the art of developing and producing high-quality shoes.

The thing that makes the Riviera del Brenta region special is the fact that almost all “designer” shoes on the global market of shoe factories are produced, largely shaped, and marketed on the Riviera del Brenta.

Only the most experienced craft artists from this region are allowed to lay hands on the RUBIROSA shoes. These include family businesses that are in their third generation of manufacturing the products with great passion and dedication.

Our aim

The aim of RUBIROSA is to make the shoes even better and more comfortable. A beautiful shoe is like a three-dimensional, moving sculpture, which requires harmony, elegance, balanced proportions, style and, above all, craftsmanship.

From the selection of the material, the control of quality and colour nuances to the final approval of a shoe, at least 100 operations are necessary. Each pair is individually cut using a template made of cardboard and pulled over the last by hand, and the leather upper is hand-stitched.

Shoes make you happy, many shoes make you happier. No wonder why so many crave new models. Because shoes affect our mood: Depending on the model and brand, they make us look rather elegant or avant-garde and often quite sexy, regardless of one’s dress size and age.