Fashion And Technology

With the FW 2020/21 collection, we have implemented a project that combines our sneakers with new technology. The sneakers are all equipped with an NFC chip, which can easily be activated with a mobile phone app. The information is stored in a decentralised blockchain, which guarantees that nothing can be changed afterwards. The authenticity of each RUBIROSA sneakers can thus be guaranteed, and you can rest assured that the shoes were created in a fair and sustainable production process in Switzerland and Italy.

You will also receive regular information about RUBIROSA or the products via the app, and you can ultimately support us in our commitment to climate protection and become active yourself.

The advantages speak for themselves. Order your favourite model and try out the chip right away.

The chip is incorporated into the right shoe under the logo on the tongue. Simply scan it, and you will automatically receive information about your sneaker.
Perhaps you still have general questions about the chip or would like more details.

You can find many answers to your questions at NFC Chip. You can also find out more by reaching out directly at