Did someone say suede?

History tends to repeat itself, especially in the world of fashion. One of the biggest comebacks in the last few seasons is suede. Flashback to the seventies and you’ve got a staple that’s a must have for your closet, next to denim and tees. Move over cowboys! This material isn’t just for horseback riding anymore! Like leather, it has become a fabric that could be worn year round. It has become season-less. It is no longer a thing of the past, but a thing you need to get as of yesterday!

This material is so versatile that you could wear it with almost any casual or formal type outfit. It has a great ability to dress up your look in a matter of seconds. Suede also makes any outfit look super retro-sophisticated and just glamorous. It makes a great statement, without all the major fuss. Did I also mention that it literally feels like soft skin? Let’s face it. Consumers love comfort, but still want to look amazing nearly all the time. Who doesn’t love something that is effortless, but yet so chic?

From trench coats or shoes for men or knee high boots for women, statements will be made with this trendy fabric. The biggest trend so far for men is surely, the suede blazer. Whether worn for business or pleasure, this is definitely an item to stock in your wardrobe asap. Here are some ideas on how to wear this fashionable staple, for literally, any day of the week:

Work, Work, Work, Work

Show them who’s boss with a choice of dark colored slacks. Nothing says business in the front more than this rocking pairing. You can also wear a nice pair of penny loafers that will still do the job. You get comfort, yet maintain your professional look at the same time.

Flashback Friday

Going for the retro look? Get yourself a ringer tee and low top sneakers to nail this and bring back all the nostalgia of the disco era. Try to find a vintage tee or faded colors to really pull this off.

Saturday Night

Out on the town with the boys? Mix up the textures by wearing a button up and dress sneakers to turn those heads in all directions. You’ll certainly be the most stylish stud in the room.

Sunday Vibes

Everyone is a little lazy over the weekend, but maybe you have brunch with your parents and shouldn’t show up looking like last night’s one too many beers. Suede blazers can help fix that pronto! Pair it with a large tee and tuck it into the some distressed shorts. Throw on some Chucks and bam, you’re all types of stylin’.


There’s nothing worse than looking like a noob and traveling in a fashionable city. So how might you avoid looking like an out-of-towner? Look like the local male by wearing a sailor, striped tee and some boat shoes. This outfit just screams hype beast and surely not a visitor. Think chic, not geek.

Suede is less pretentious and just looks so sophisticated. In 2016, suede was all the rage and will continue its popularity well into 2017. With its boho flair, you could literally streamline it to fit any classic silhouette. Everywhere you look, suede is there. Runways, cafes, fashion blogs, IG feeds, you name it. Major fashion moguls like Saint Laurent and Gucci created huge lines dedicated to this simple little fabric. Whether you choose brown, taupe or purple, suede has re-invented itself to give us a fresh take on one of the most tactile of materials. So, brave the new and get yourself some suede in all types of ways. This investment will be worth your while.