“Good shoes make you feel good. Litterarily” 

From Cinderella to The Wizard of Oz in our collective imagination shoes often have a kind of magic infused into them, capable of transforming the wearer into a more irresistible or powerful version of themselves. In reality, even though they cannot turn a pumpkin into a luxury vehicle or grant your wishes, a pair of […]

“How to tell good quality shoes”

There are many reasons for preferring high quality shoes. The two most important are that they last much longer and they are way more comfortable to wear (and won’t affect your feet and back health in the long term).   But while it’s definitely true that a very cheap shoe cannot be good quality, a […]

“Leather cleaning & care”

The Do’s and the Dont’s Thick and yet breathable, leather is a fascinating product that has accompanied, protected, and kept mankind warm from the outset. In order to stabilise the raw animal hide and make it more durable, RUBIROSA uses two tanning methods: chrome tanning, which creates a soft, light, and pliable leather and is […]