RUBIROSA AND THE QUIET LUXURY – If you know, you know

Quiet luxury’ has been a trending topic in all the fashion related medias and talks for the past few months, while brands that had always cultivated classical styles, premium quality and anti-buzz marketing approach are now experiencing an unprecedent consideration. But what does exactly “quiet luxury” mean? Firstly and most obviously it can be defined […]

Walking in the Winter Wonderland – RUBIROSA Homages the Alps Glam

When it comes to the most glamorous winter playground in the world, nothing can compare with the majestic Alps and their myriad of star-studded resorts, top rate skiing facilities and exclusive après-ski amenities. Stretching across Switzerland, Italy, Austria, France and Germany, for many centuries these mountains were not visited by foreigners but early naturalists, soldiers […]

The Colours of Cold. Rubi loves nature inspired trends.

As bright and hot summer days leave space for the first autumn chills, in all the regions of the world that have four distinct seasons people gladly rediscover their favourite fall garments. Naturally, heavier, thicker and water- and wind-proof materials better suit a colder climate and rainfalls. But there is also another, less obvious but […]

How to tell good quality shoes

There are many reasons for preferring high quality shoes. The two most important are that they last much longer and they are way more comfortable to wear (and won’t affect your feet and back health in the long term). But while it’s definitely true that a very cheap shoe cannot be good quality, a fashionable […]

RUBIROSA And The Golden Era Of Playboys

Porfirio Rubirosa is generally recognised as the most representative of the “golden era playboys”. But what is it exactly that made those middle century gentlemen so distinctively irresistible and charmant, and somehow incomparable to any other wealthy partygoer of later times? Several authors and insightful beholders of the period tried to list the peculiar set […]

JUDY wears sea and shore colours

Homage to the golden age of Cote d’Azure lifestyle If Swiss Alps are the winter capital of the international bon viveurs, the French Riviera is the classical summer place to be. With its emerald-blue sea, the pleasant rocky costs adorned with palms and flowers, and an always gentle climate, this strip of the Mediterranean littoral […]

Rubi’s favourite game, as for sport

What he loved the most besides charming ladies   Polo is called “the sport of kings” and in the past centuries it has become a privileged spectator sport for equestrians and high society all over the world. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that the jet set king Porfirio Rubirosa was a polo enthusiast all […]

Nothing but the best in Switzerland, since 130 years

Bongénie Grieder, the top Swiss firm of fashion distribution, celebrates 130 years of excellence true to our beautiful Country’s tradition. RUBIROSA is proud for having been invited to take part of it as a high quality Swiss brand. The special exhibit from November 13th to 27th was a splendid occasion to present the entire RUBIROSA […]

Ava and Joan felt warm memories

Something you should have known and felt too Felt is considered to be one of the most ancient textile materials used by mankind. It is produced by wetting, matting and pressing fibres together. Originally they were wool or animal fur fibres, but recently synthetic fibres, such as acrylic or wood pulp-based rayon, as well as […]

Judy has a thing for wrinkles

Judy White

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. When elegance doesn’t need the iron but a slight dose of irony Linen has certainly come a long way from being wrapped on mummies to summer suits and now back to every day wear, just like cool […]