“A game for all”

RUBIROSA SS2024 campaign pays homage to the classical summer game of croquet, in which fair play, elegance and respect are rules to play and live by.   Since the beginning the croquet game has always been a totally inclusive sport: male and female, young and older players all compete together, with no age or gender […]

“Walking in the winter wonderland” – RUBIROSA AW22 homages the Alps Glam

When it comes to the most glamorous winter playground in the world, nothing can compare with the majestic Alps and their myriad of star-studded resorts, top rate skiing facilities and exclusive après-ski amenities. Stretching across Switzerland, Italy, Austria, France and Germany, for many centuries these mountains were not visited by foreigners but early naturalists, soldiers […]

“Spring Summer 2022. JUDY wears sea and shore colours”

Homage to the golden age of Cote d’Azure lifestyle   If Swiss Alps are the winter capital of the international bon viveurs, the French Riviera is the classical summer place to be. With its emerald-blue sea, the pleasant rocky costs adorned with palms and flowers, and an always gentle climate, this strip of the Mediterranean […]

“Spring Summer 2021. Season of debuts and new looks”

Here comes the time of new arrivals and refined outfits for the hot season. JUDY hangs out with AVA, ARIZA and JOAN for the first time.In their new summer colors and lightweight materials they are perfect for warmer days. The classic perforated “brogue” recalls the heyday of 20th century elegance. JUDY has been designed specifically […]