Springtime is the season of the awakening of nature, which thrives in a myriad of vivid lush colours. A bright blue sky that seems to have no end or beginning. A warm sea that goes from aquamarine to turquoise, from aqua to azure to midnight blue. RUBIROSA Spring Summer 2022 collection celebrates the shades of the sky and the sea.

JUDY is a classy yet contemporary twist on the football shoes from the 70s. With its premium quality materials, lightweight and flexibility, as well as balanced proportion and harmony, it strikes a fine balance between comfort and style.

JUDY is an elegant, effortless sneaker featuring a lightweight upper and a lining made of a mix of cotton, just perfect for the warmer season.

Inspired by trail running shoes, KIM is the ideal all-terrain footwear for roaming the city or exploring the countryside. A perfect mix of comfort and luxurious craft.