AW2022 Collection

autumn/winter 2022

“Higher Ground”


Rubi loves… winter. A season of simple, refined pleasures for men and women. 


The AW22 collection is inspired by winter in the city and winter in the woods. RUBIROSA raises its eye to the Swiss Alps and to the highest standards of quality and luxury. 


This is a collection of the mountain and the lake, of the warming hearth and the frosty walk, of white-coated trees and snow-dusted streets, of the view from a cable car, and the snug of a beloved companion. 


This is a brand on a mission to raise standards to the very highest ground: full-grain leather x Made in Italy = the best in contemporary footwear. 


Made in Italy, RUBIROSA is the epitome of quiet luxury. Each shoe is an icon, made to last, crafted with style. The brand is inspired by Porfirio “Rubi” Rubirosa, a real-life adventurer whose elegance, passion and non-conformist character informs every stitch.


RUBIROSA: “Fine shoes that fit like love.”

Lookbook AW22


Simple, graceful, football. 


The most valuable player in the Rubirosa squad, JUDY is a soccer-inspired Oxford, built on a low cup sole.


As befits a star, JUDY enjoys a lot of attention for AW22: convertible into a slip-on via smart elastic laces,

toasty-cozy in wool, new colours in TIMEWORN, plus the widest range of colourways including the curry-like shade Marsala. 


Stylish, classic, and modern, and made from top-grade materials, uppers feature the

perforated brogue detail that is RUBIROSA’s signature. 


JUDY is a top-grade, easy-to-wear shoe that adapts to any moment.

The zig-zag pinking detail on the U-throat lacing piece is a nod to the world of football.

JUDY is an emblem of quiet luxury and immaculate comfort. 

Judy Cognac AW22

Judy Grey AW22

Judy Marolive AW22

Judy Fumo AW22

Judy Brandy AW22



Judy White CL01

Judy White CL01

Judy White CL02

Judy White CL02


Judy SL Ivory AW22

Judy SL Dark Brown AW22

Judy SL Brown AW22


Judy Slide


Judy TW Blue AW22

Judy TW Piombo AW22

Judy TW Taupe AW22

Judy TW Red AW22

Judy TW Graphite AW22

Judy TW Oltremare AW22

Judy TW white CL01

Judy TW White CL02


1970s mid-top basketball, redefined.  


New for AW22! RITA is a fresh take on the 1970s basketball boot, a streetwear icon.

The original sneaker crossed from the stadium to the sidewalk and RUBIROSA’s revision honours the blend of sport and street. 


The silhouette is, for the sake of purity, a mid-top boot. A padded collar wraps around

the ankle for safety and stability and a little extra coverage for colder days. 


One of the sportiest shoes in the collection, RITA stays true to the RUBIROSA brand.

The reinvented brogue, the Adler stitching on the back of the heel and the signature label on the tongue are all present and correct. 


RITA shares the sleek outsole of the best-selling JUDY. Materials for the uppers include leathers,

suedes and nubucks, lined with luxurious vachetta leather for softness and comfort.

The subtle mix of colours hues to RITA’s athletic roots. Lightweight and comfortable,

RITA elevates casual styles and can be worn everyday.

Rita White/Green AW22

Rita White/Red AW22

Rita Grey AW22

Rita Brown AW22


Tennis elegance.


Upgraded for AW22, AVA takes old school elegance and grace into the 21st Century. 

A style icon that oozes class in dark brown and black, AVA is made from the highest quality full-grain leather. This leather is the strongest part of the hide, develops an individual patina with wear and improves with age. Full-grain leather is naturally breathable and rich in character.


The addition of a leather welt into the rubber cup sole further elevates the quality. The lining is vegetable-tanned calf leather for ultimate comfort. 

A derby meets a tennis shoe, AVA is lightweight, flexible and supremely comfortable. These premium casual shoes complement a suit or more relaxed outfit combinations.

Ava Black AW22

Ava Dark Brown AW22

Ava White CL01

ava white cl01

Ava White CL02

ava white cl02

Ava Black CL01

ava black cl01

Ava Cognac CL01

ava cognac cl01

Ava Centravo Naturale CL01

Ava Centravo Black CL01

Ava Centravo Black SS22


1980s low-top basketball, reimagined. 


New for AW22! EVA updates and modernizes the 1980s low-top basketball sneaker. The rap/urban community’s ultimate icon shoe enjoys a sophisticated refit and 360° upgrade to secure its place in the RUBIROSA line-up. 


The silhouette is low-top but features a sleeker and shallower last than its illustrious forebears. The upper features a front bumper to brace the toes and authentic basketball wavy eye-stays and perforations to vent the toe and flanks. RUBIROSA signature details include brogueing, Adler stitching on the back of the heel and the signature label on the tongue. 


Details are slightly exaggerated in places: note the double bumper and the sole wrap at the heel, which connects EVA to basketball court tradition. 


Uppers use premium materials such as leather, suedes and nubuck. Tone-on-tone colours keep the shoes more classic and luxe. The EVA is fully lined with luxurious vachetta leather for softness and comfort. A casual sneaker that is light and comfortable for everyday wear.

Eva White AW22

Eva Blue AW22

Eva Brown AW22

Eva Black AW22


Running in style.


Inspired by 1970s “wedge” running shoes, JOAN is a sporty shoe of unabashed luxury, rich in signature Rubirosa details. New for AW22 is an innovative ripstop nylon fabric in beige, grey or brown. Known as Stark, this nylon uses thinner threads that resonate with luxury while being incredibly strong and water-resistant. 


The finest Tuscan vachetta leather and vegetable-tanned calf leather are employed at key points, for class and for comfort. RUBIROSA’s signature brogue is a nod to the brand’s heritage, executed in a contemporary way.  Note the spoiler for stability. 


Wear JOAN every day you can. 

Joan Blue AW22

Joan Bosco AW22

Joan Camouflage AW22

Joan Lava AW22

Joan Light Grey AW22

Joan Marolive AW22

Joan Orange AW22

Joan Sand AW22

Joan Stone AW22

Joan Taupe AW22

Joan White CL01

joan white cl01

Joan Black CL01

joan black cl01

Joan Dark Brown CL01

joan dark brown cl01

Joan Navy CL01

joan navy cl01

FLOR Timeworn

High-end slip-on. 


Black perforated leather, grey suede and camouflage enliven the RUBIROSA slip-on for Autumn/Winter 2022. 


At ease in all casual situations, FLOR is built on the same last and sole as JUDY: low profile, very flexible. 


Constructed from the highest quality materials, the upper is made with a gore piece that allows easy entry for a wide range of foot shapes. The uppers are offered under RUBIROSA’s Timeworn process for lived-in appeal. The lining is made from vegetable-tanned calf leather and terry cloth for ultimate comfort and breathability. 


Lightweight, flexible and comfortable, FLOR is a sneaker for all seasons.

Flor TW Black AW22

Flor TW Camouflage AW22

Flor TW Piombo AW22



The quality hiker.


RUBIROSA’s sports utility sneaker blends the grip, cushioning and comfort of performance trainers with a crafted, luxurious upper. New for AW22 is the lacing system, which is more authentic and hiking-shoe-inspired. 


With roots in nature and the great outdoors, Kim is the ideal all-terrain footwear for touring the city in winter or roaming the frozen countryside.


The bi-material, two-tone sole is made from rubber and compressed EVA. The sole features slight cupping for stability. The upper materials are the finest nubuck and suede and luxurious Vachetta leather from Tuscany. KIM is quality in motion. 

Kim Blue AW22

Kim Cappero AW22

Kim White CL01

kim white cl01

Kim Black CL01

kim black cl01


A contemporary blend of iconic sports shapes and premium materials, ANA is a lightweight shoe constructed for maximum comfort.

Crafted from luxurious calf skins, nubuck and calf suedes, the shoe incorporates a cup sole in genuine rubber. The side wall has higher-than-typical proportions, to better hold the foot. The heel is cupped with our Tuscan “Vacchetta” leather, which is notable throughout this collection.

Ana Dark Brown AW20

ana dark brown cl01

Ana Black AW20

ana black cl01

Ana White AW20

ana white cl01